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Snapple Peach Tea Cans, 11.5oz

Snapple Peach Tea Cans, 11.5oz

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Get ready for Snapple Peach Tea, a great-tasting combo of green and black tea plus sweet peach. At Snapple, we believe life’s a peach. We’ve been living this mantra since the 80s. Back then, we were a small brand created by three health-food store owners in the New York area. We began by selling our apple juice to health clubs in 1973. Diversifying our flavor portfolio throughout the 80s into teas, fruit juices and lemonades, Snapple went national in the early 90s. Now you can find us in all 50 states across the country. Take a sip of our delicious Peach Tea, and go back to the times of big hair, neon leggings and breakdancing. Ok…not really, but you can use your imagination. So, go ahead, break out the boom box and enjoy. Snapple Peach Tea is gluten-free and all natural, so each bottle is free of artificial sweeteners and flavors. Even better, our new 16oz bottle, available in 6- and 12-packs, is recyclable and made from 100% recycled plastic, excluding the cap and label. So, enjoy the great taste of Snapple Peach Tea any time of day knowing you’re getting a great-tasting drink made with natural, high-quality ingredients in a bottle that’s good for the Earth.


Filtered Water, Sugar, Citric Acid, Tea, Natural Flavors

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